As it was, planets were floating in space orbiting around their colourful stars. One day they announced on the news that a huge stardust storm was on its way. This, as they said, would be their final storm. Their government offered different families to be evacuated to different planets. And so it happened that CMYKfamily© got sent to planet Earth...

To look more like the inhabitants of Earth, CMYKfamily© was able to transform from their sphere-like shapes into full body shapes. This transformation added a few changes to each of them; Mr Black became Mr Posh, his wife became Mrs Happy flower, Miss yellow was still just a little young girl, and Mr Cyan was a young man studying science, fascinated by building things.

He is a teenage son, or a young man as he likes to think of himself. He is full of mischief but on the other hand trying to act adult and serious. For him is all about science and building things.

She is not that posh, she only acts posh sometimes for her husband Mr Black. She is always very happy and laughing all the time. Sometimes she finds her husband's behaviour utterly hilarious and over the top.

She is a very sweet little girl. Full of questions and curiosity. Radiating with energy, therefore they sometimes call her "little sunshine". She loves hair bows and clips and all sorts of girly things.

A middle class englishman who would love to become a lord one day. He likes to look and sound posh and classy.